couchsurfing in crazy Naples

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There is something special about this chaotic city. People say you either love it or hate it.

I totally fell in love and can’t wait to go back ! And as much as I like England (from where I was flying that day), I still remember landing late evening in Naples and jumping into shorts straight at the airport. Finally so warm!

I was very lucky again with my hosts – they offered me a place to stay in the city center, were waiting for me with a dinner and the next morning, after marking on a map all the places that I should visit, told me to come back for a family lunch as a break during my sightseeing.

Two days later I went from there to the amazing Amalfi coast – more about it soon.

What about you – have you ever been to Naples?

Photos were taken during my couchsurfing trip to Italy in August 2017.

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